How to Give a Female an Orgasm

So what one can do as a way to experience the physical side of a relationship and without all their feelings coming up in regards to intimacy - is to have sex. This could be a casual relationship; where it’s purely sex or what is often classed as a one night stand.

Many men need to really have this drilled into their heads. In the heat of the moment, it's very important not to embark on a sexual journey without (1) checking to determine if there are any issues in the partner's sexual past that could cause concern and (2) using a condom (as well as other forms of protection). Men need to remember: It's simply not worth it.

In the end if a woman wants to have casual sex she will most likely pick the exceptionally attractive man for the unplanned encounter. Are they attractive enough for a one night stand, well it depends on your gender?

What sexual activities are okay? What is off limits? Finally, the fun part! It is good to know what activities the partner prefers or enjoys so the sexual experience is comfortable for both partners. Likewise, if something is a big no-no, it should be put on the table at the beginning so there isn't an awkward moment later on in the bedroom.

Either way, the “relationship,” if you can call it that, is not there to satisfy interpersonal emotional needs, but rather it exists to satisfy your partner’s desire for thrill and excitement. Serial cheaters are difficult to deal with, because their desire or addiction to continue in their habit.

Supposedly Hollywood grasped the term 'cougar' from a Canadian catch phrase that originated in local bars. Celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, Madonna, and now Courtney Cox have been labeled 'Cougars.' The catch phrase apparently was started by younger men at bars and other social functions who noticed particular women. These women had certain confidence, youthful spirit, charm, and allure.

This approach, often referred to as "active listening," can prevent misunderstandings and serve to keep emotions under control.  It is difficult to react emotionally if you are truly listening and communicating understanding before responding.

4) The woman would not give me the space I needed in order to get through my work week (which is a very bad sign if it is happening the first week you are involved with someone)

For beginners, even basics such as not rushing for clitoris in a first two minutes of your foreplay can bring you very far. Know to stay away from erogenous zones for at least half an hour. Build things up.