Do Men Cheat More Than Women?

One is then able to experience physical closeness, but without them having to feel their emotions in relation to intimacy. What can also take place is that one’s sex drive can increase, as a result of their physical needs not being met.

While there's a lot to be said for long-term relationships, many men (and women) also enjoy a one-night stand – a no-strings-attached romp in bed with someone who is usually a stranger. When a man has an excited penis, sometimes nothing is quite the same as a “no commitment, no worries” sexual escapade. Naturally, a guy wants to have been practicing proper penis health so that his equipment is in good shape for such an experience, but there are other considerations to ponder as well before embarking on a one-night stand.

In addition to using condoms and consistently getting STI screens to keep the penis healthy, a man can take it one step further by using a penis health formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) on a daily basis that is packed with vitamins and other nutrients to keep the skin soft and smooth and reduce the risk of surface abrasions and other injuries. A quality penis crème can also improve the sensitivity and appearance of the manhood – something that can benefit all men.

Although the sting of betrayal and the emotional agony that consumes your life following an affair in no less painful, there actually several types of affairs that fall along a sliding scale from those with the most emotional investment to those with the least.

3. Express your point, and then, passing the stick, ask your spouse to repeat what you said so that you can be certain that you were at least heard.  If your partner is not able to repeat what you said, or you do not feel under-stood, repeat your point until you are satisfied.

Fast forward to midlife … which for this website means ages 35 to 55-ish. At age 43, I’ve had the same girlfriend for several years now – but before she arrived, there was at times somewhat of a flurry of personal activity that occurred. And some of that flurry could be interpreted as a “one night stand” by some – but really if it happened that way, it was not at all intentional. What I mean is that there were some women that I met, and went out with several times … and who I wound up having sex with. But for different reasons, it became very obvious to me very quickly that they were not someone I wanted to keep around for very long. And so I cut them loose extremely quickly. In some cases, I cut them loose after having sex with them once. In other cases, it was after having sex with them several times. I didn’t break up with any of these women for having “bad sex” … as I’m a man, and there is no such thing as “bad sex”. In all cases, I dumped them more for something they said or did … some behavior pattern they exhibited that I decided I really didn’t like. I believe the older we get, the faster and easier it is for us to recognize what we like and don’t like in a girlfriend. And so it is often easier for us to know that we won't want a particular person to be around for a long time. In situations like this, I personally prefer to cut my losses versus lead someone on. So the term “one night stand” in midlife could be defined by some as an “extremely short shelf-life relationship” … referring to several dates, but involving sexual contact at least once, and maybe as many as several times.